The Landing Page Is Just the Beginning

Your Leads Don't Stop On Page One – Neither Should You

Landing page builders are great. They really are! Delivering a custom, focused experience to a targeted audience is so much more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach to your audience.

There's just one question: What happens when your visitors leave that landing page?

Sure, there are people who will convert right away, but many more will want to do some research. Maybe they'll click a blog post, navigate to your home page, or just bounce and come back later via Google. It may take 10-20 pageviews before they're ready to fill out a form.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could deliver that same, focused "landing page" experience to those same visitors throughout their entire journey, on every page they visit?

That's where Navu comes in.


Navu lets you deliver targeted experiences to different personas, following them throughout their journey. Once a visitor leaves the landing page, we keep showing them the right recommendations to keep them on track. This lets your leads explore your site freely without you needing to worry if they'll find their way back to the best content.

Our Guides are perfect for businesses with multiple products, marketing teams juggling several acquisition campaigns, or any website that needs to tell different stories to different people.

So go ahead and build those landing pages! We'll take care of what happens next.