The Navu Guide

Say goodbye to manually optimizing your website for every single campaign. Introducing a simple, powerful tool to keep your leads on track.

What We Do

  • The Navu Guide is a lightweight screen overlay that typically displays in the bottom left corner of a website
  • It delivers targeted calls to action based on the specific campaign a visitor came in on, in the form of customizable 'cards'
  • By following users throughout their journey, the Navu Guide gently steers them to conversion instead of letting them get lost along the way

How will you showcase your content?

Image Card

Let’s start with the most commonly used card: the Image Card. This CTA displays a simple message along with an image of your choice, linked to a page on your site. In its default setting this shows a scrollable screen capture of the linked page.

Video Card

The versatile Video Card enables you to embed your own video content and play it right inside the Navu Guide, without leaving the page. It supports your own HTML5 videos or embedded media from external sources, and can be configured to play automatically or to wait for user engagement.

Form Card

Strike while the iron is hot with the Form Card! This is your chance to drive conversions when the user is ready, without asking them to click yet another link or find the page they came in on. Simply select the relevant form for your campaign, and Navu will display it at appropriate moments in the user journey and securely send the data directly to your CRM.

Share Card

Perfect for testimonials and more visual calls to action, the Share Card forgoes the overlaid message and puts the focus on the image itself. The description now sits beneath the graphic, in the style of shareable content on social media.

Markup Card

Got more ambitious ideas? Just turn to the Markup Card and create beautiful custom content that suits your specific needs.

Adding Navu to your site is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Go to your Navu dashboard and review a complete list of your campaigns.
Select the visitors you want to target based on source, medium, referrer or many other criteria.
Pick the best content that will resonate with that specific audience, and let Navu do the rest!

Pick your campaigns, set your goals, and watch what we can do.