Pain-Free Personalization for B2B Websites

Customization Doesn't Have to Mean Complexity

Website personalization is an extremely important component in converting your B2B leads. But why does it have to be so difficult?

Even once you've identified a hundred different variables, mapped out a thousand if/then statements, done a deep clean on all of your data (yes, all of it), and spent a good chunk of your marketing budget on ibuprofen, you're left with... more complexity.

For starters, you now have countless permutations for what visitors might be seeing at any given time. That's a lot to analyze, and even more to optimize.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a simpler way to deliver the benefits of personalization without the complexity?

That's where Navu comes in.


Navu lets you deliver targeted experiences to different personas, following them throughout their journey and guiding them to conversion. Once a visitor leaves the landing page, we keep showing them the right recommendations to keep them on track. This lets your leads explore your site freely without you needing to worry if they'll find their way back to the best content.

It's simple: You pick the right content for whichever user persona you like, we do the rest.

Our Guides are perfect for businesses with multiple products, marketing teams juggling several acquisition campaigns, or any website that needs to tell different stories to different people. They're easy to create, easy to maintain, and don't require a PhD to understand.

So stop pulling your hair out on complicated solutions, and start personalizing your website the easier way with Navu.