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You’ve put in the work acquiring leads, let us help you convert them. Navu delivers the right message to the right visitor, every time.

You’re Ignoring Your Best Leads

Your campaigns bring in visitors. Your landing page tells them everything they need to know. Some convert, some bounce. But what about the people who are still researching?

We call this group the “Wanderers”, and they are some of your best leads. They’re the people who came in on a campaign and decided to learn more, and will be highly qualified if they convert.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Navu automatically identifies your campaigns and breaks them down into simple and actionable groups. This sample campaign has brought in 1000 visitors. Some of these bounced, some converted immediately, but 250 of them decided to keep browsing.

These are the Wanderers, and they’re the key to increasing conversions. Every single person in this group is actively browsing your site away from the carefully structured confines of the landing page.

They want to become contacts – it’s up to you to give them the final nudge.

So how many wanderers do you have?

Target the Wanderers

Your website is filled with active leads considering whether they want to convert. Some came from paid campaigns, others from your email newsletter, still more from social, referrals, or who knows where!

You have plenty of content for each of these groups, but will they find it? Once a lead has left the landing page, are you still showing them content that’s actually relevant to their needs?

Sally Needs a CRM

Sally from Sales is looking for a new CRM, so she clicks a search ad for GloboCorp’s CRM offering. She likes the landing page, and navigates to the home page to learn more. Here’s the problem: GloboCorp also sells a CMS, a DXP, a CDP, and several other acronyms Sally doesn’t know.

Sally is lost.

Navu Keeps Her On Track

This is where businesses lose many of their leads. Thankfully, GloboCorp uses Navu, and can guide Sally back to the content that matters to her.

As she’s trying to figure out how to navigate the GloboCorp website, Sally sees a card pop up with a case study on how their CRM helps businesses just like hers. She clicks the link and takes a look.

Sally Does Her Research

The case study was promising, but Sally’s still not ready to convert. Now Navu appears again, offering a helpful video about all of the wonderful features in GloboCorp’s CRM.

She watches the video and clicks another related link from the Navu Guide.

Sally Seals the Deal

At this point, Sally is a prime lead. She knows GloboCorp’s CRM is a good fit for her business and just needs a final nudge to convert. The Navu Guide prompts her with a simple form tied directly to the landing page and campaign she came in on. She doesn’t even need to leave the page she’s on.

And so Sally signs up, and GloboCorp lands an extremely well qualified lead thanks to Navu.

This is just a small sampling of what Navu is capable of. Users can set specific target campaigns, pick the best content, customize the look and feel, and add custom display triggers. Or they can sit back and let us handle it automatically. Either way works for us!

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