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Make your paid spend go farther

Even the best leads could use a little guidance

Your paid spend is bringing you plenty of great leads. Is your website doing enough to convert them?

Navu lets you create custom guides for each of your campaigns, delivering the right message to each of your leads throughout their entire journey from acquisition to conversion.

Navu for

Beyond the Landing Page

Landing pages are important, but they’re just the beginning. What happens when one of your leads browses elsewhere on site, or comes back via search three days later? Navu lets you keep a consistent experience on every pageview, showing content and offers relevant to the specific acquisition campaign.

Enhanced Insights

Which landing pages are most effective for conversion? Which campaigns aren’t pulling their weight? Where do your leads go when they don’t convert on the first pageview? Navu’s robust Analytics Portal enables you to answer these questions and so much more, down to the most granular details.

Instant Retargeting

Retargeting works. It’s a great way to reach an audience that you know is already interested in your business. But why should you have to wait until they’ve left the site to deliver that bespoke messaging? Using Navu, you can reach those same visitors on your own site throughout their first session — no bounce required.

Spend Smarter

You’ve got goals to meet, and a budget to maintain. Chasing dubious keywords and upping your bids isn’t going to get you there. Stop focusing all your attention on the least promising leads, and start thinking about how you can convert the ones you’ve already got. A little extra effort here goes a very long way.

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