See what’s actually happening on your site

Get to Know Your Best Leads with Navu’s Journey Explorer Tool

Ever wonder what your visitors are actually up to? With Journey Explorer, you can see exactly how leads interact with your site from the moment they first arrive all the way through conversion and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to improve your website conversion rate, understand form abandonment, or provide valuable lead information to your sales team, the Navu Journey Explorer is here to help.

Dive Deep Into Individual User Behavior

The top of the funnel can feel pretty impersonal. You’ve got a huge amount of faceless visitors spanning organic and paid campaigns, email, social, direct, and probably a fair few bots in there too. But your customers’ journeys don’t start when they identify themselves with a form submit, and by understanding what led them to that conversion you can repeat it.

Slice the Data Any Way You Like

Segmentation is our bread and butter. Isolate audiences by traditional metrics like acquisition source and geography, or get more creative with it. Using Navu you can even segment audiences based on which service/product on your site they’re interested in using our content clusters functionality.

Understand Your Conversions

A lot of work goes into a conversion. It’s not just the acquisition, or the nurture email campaign, or the landing page, or even the website itself. Every touchpoint tells part of the story, and by seeing the path from “new visitor” to “contact” you can better understand what’s working (and better prepare your sales reps to close the deal).

Available Wherever You Need It

Don’t want another analytics tool in your bookmarks bar? We get that. The Journey Explorer is also available as a handy site overlay, visible only to authorized users. See live traffic on individual pages as you browse your own website with the Navu Panel.

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