Navu for ABM

The perfect complement to your Account-Based Marketing strategy

Account-based targeting you’ll actually use

There are a lot of ABM solutions out there today, with a lot of impressive capabilities. But as is so often the case, the best solution is the one you’ll actually use. That’s why we designed Navu to be easy to learn, implement and maintain.

With Navu, you can see what your key accounts are up to on your site, and serve them the exact right messaging at the right time during their journey.

Navu for

Identify Key Accounts

The Navu Journey Explorer supplements anonymous browsing data with corporate IP addresses to identify the businesses behind your web traffic.

Analyze Behavior

Curious what your key accounts are browsing? Navu’s robust Analytics Portal shows you on-site behavior from top-level KPIs down to the extremely granular.

Optimize Experience

Create individual Navu Guides for your key accounts and target them exclusively with custom messaging. On every visit, they’ll see the right message or offer for that account.

Measure Success

Targeted messaging makes a difference, and Navu helps you measure it. Set up an A/B Test comparing unguided visitors with guided ones and see the results for yourself.