Know Your Audience

Want to increase your conversion rate? The first step is understanding your visitors and what they’re actually looking for.

With Navu, it’s easier than ever to identify your best leads, top content, key user segments and so much more!

A simpler approach to segmentation

Navu helps you discover so much more about your campaigns, content and users. Easily evaluate landing page performance, identify top performing organic search content, and find the pages that are most important to driving conversions.

Let’s take a look at a sample campaign:

This is a Navu Campaign Card. It breaks down the performance of one of your campaigns (Advertising, Email, Social or anything else) by landing page. So in this case, let’s assume you have a paid search campaign with a custom landing page. Navu automatically aggregates and displays the data, and makes it easily accessible in your dashboard.

Here’s what we show:


This specific paid search campaign has driven 1,000 new visitors to its custom landing page.


Of those visitors, 500 bounced without engaging at all. That’s ok, the other 500 took some action (reading, scrolling, clicking links – anything except immediately exiting the page). These are your prospects.


A small number of prospects converted immediately by filling out the form on your landing page! These five prospects have become contacts, but most of this group needs more time. 250 click on a link to learn more, making them wanderers.

This group is vitally important, because they are interested in your product but aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger. How many wanderers you turn into contacts can make or break your entire campaign.


Finally, these are your contacts. This is, in most cases, the final measure of success. Some come straight from the landing page, but many more spend time on the rest of your site first. Understanding their journeys is a critical component to increasing your overall conversions.

Campaign insights made easy

You run a lot of acquisition campaigns, using a lot of different tools. Do you have a good way to compare them? With Navu you can see their effectiveness of every campaign and every landing page from a single dashboard.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few popular use cases:

  • See which of your advertising campaigns are driving conversions, not just traffic
  • Quickly pick out your most valuable referrers and traffic sources
  • Identify the key pages that lead to conversion – and also the ones that stop users in their tracks

Get to know your best leads with Journey Explorer

Ever wonder what your visitors are actually up to? With Journey Explorer, you can see exactly how leads interact with your site from the moment they first arrive all the way through conversion and beyond.


The beginning of the journey. See how your visitors found you, what landing page they came through, and what they did before moving on.


The crucial pages that make or break the journey. Discover the granular details about their decision process, from search queries to active time spent reading and more.


What it's all about. The journey has resulted in a qualified lead, and we show you everything you need to know to start closing!

This is wonderful! Marketers love to talk about the customer journey and mapping content. This actually lets me see the experience at the appropriate level so I can better understand how visitors are moving from page to page…

The big benefit is that I don't need to have a Ph.D. in analytics to set this up. It's all done for me.

- Stephen Jeske

Wanderers are your best leads.
How well do you know them?