Navu for Email Marketers

Enhance your email campaigns and go beyond the click

For email marketers, “Send” is not “The End”

You’ve picked the perfect audience and written the perfect email. Your open and click rates are spectacular. But is your website holding up its end of the bargain?

Navu lets you extend your messaging after the click, past the landing page, and even beyond the first session, delivering more conversions per send.

Navu for
Email Marketers

Campaign-Based Targeting

Create custom guides for your email campaigns and extend their longevity. You’ve already picked out the best posts, videos, and assorted collateral for your audience — Navu helps you make sure they actually see it once they get to the site.

Keep It Consistent

Sometimes your email tells one story, and the website tells another one. Especially when visitors spend 3 seconds on the landing page before clicking around aimlessly (why?!). Now you can continue your message on every pageview, no matter where your visitors end up.

Improved Reporting

How effective are your email campaigns? With Navu, it’s easy to go beyond the surface level and see which campaigns are actually leading to conversions (and which ones need work).

Make Every Click Count

Email marketers have to work hard for their clicks. But when the website can’t keep up, those clicks end up going to waste. Navu makes your lead’s whole website journey as personal and targeted as the email that brought them in.