Navu for Content Marketers

Put your content in front of the people you wrote it for

Your content deserves an audience

You work hard creating the right content for your business. Then you hit publish, wave goodbye to your post, wish it well and start all over again.

But what happens next for the content you’ve already created? Are the right people seeing it? Will new leads still be seeing it next week? What about next month? Next year?

With Navu, you can ensure your posts, videos, pdfs, webinars, podcasts (and anything else!) continue to find the perfect audience for them long after their initial traffic surge ends.

Navu for
Content Marketers

Always the Right Audience

Whether you’re creating content by product, vertical, campaign or more, Navu can slice your website audience to ensure your posts get in front of the exact type of visitors you had in mind.

Spotlight Anything

Navu Guides are versatile, and let you beautifully display content in a huge variety of formats. From simple blog posts to embedded videos and downloadable PDF files, we help you show your content off.

Everything Evergreen

Your content doesn’t need such a limited shelf life. But once the initial traffic subsides, how are you continuing to get it in front of the right audience? Don’t make them search all over your site, use Navu and guide them.

Deep Audience Insights

Pageviews aren’t everything. And while there’s plenty to learn in a GA deep dive, Navu makes it easier to understand the individual journeys and user behavior that make up the true story of your posts.