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FAQ About Navu 2.0


We’re excited to announce a major upgrade: Navu 2.0. Here’s what you should know: How has the visitor experience changed? The changes for your website visitors are relatively minor. How has the portal experience changed? Your Navu portal looks very different than what you have been used to. When you ... Read more

Release Notes: Even More Integrations


Things are always busy here at Navu, and our engineering team has finished our 1.26 release before we could even catch our breath from 1.25! This one is a bit more modest in scope, but extremely impactful nonetheless. If your company uses HubSpot, Salesforce, or Slack, we think you’ll be ... Read more

Release Notes: All About ICPs


Improved Analytics The Navu analytics system has been reinvented from the ground up to provide more actionable information about how visitors are getting to your website, how they are being organized into segments, how they are engaging, and how well they are converting. Before this release, in the Navu app you ... Read more