BRANDED Agency Elevates Marketing Strategy with Navu Integration

The Challenge

BRANDED is a brand creation and implementation agency with a fitting name, focused on creating and growing brands. They have three primary service offerings: Brand Creation, Brand Implementation, and Brand Management.

Their website, unsurprisingly, is beautiful and filled with helpful information for those three buyer personas. They have a wide array of topical case studies, pillar pages, and blog posts to help their leads decide whether or not to convert.

So they’ve got the product, and they’ve got the content. However, they needed support in visibility of their content performance. Is their audience engaging with their content? Which articles convert best? And what’s the best way to deliver targeted messaging? 

To answer those questions, they turned to Navu.

The Solution

Analytics is a big industry, and there are no shortage of solutions available to the curious marketer. They range from free and ubiquitous tools like Google Analytics, to extremely robust customer data platforms and personalization solutions. But for Layla Zaiat, BRANDED’s Head of Marketing, the existing options weren’t quite what she was looking for.

She wanted a smart tool that was simple enough to navigate, with insight into the individuals on the site, what content they engaged with, and what their journey was to conversion. “I was toggling between Google Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Google Ads to connect the dots to conversion”. 

By implementing Navu’s Journey Explorer, the process was streamlined and gave Layla the confidence in her data, from anonymous first visitors to those who continued returning and converting. 

Now, Navu is a core part of her team’s workflow: “As soon as a lead comes in, I review the lead journey on Navu and understand my audience more.” 

A fabricated example of an individual journey in Navu’s Journey Explorer.

In addition to the analytical insight, BRANDED utilized Navu’s segmentation and user guide capabilities. They created guided cards specific to their various target segments, such as brand creation, brand implementation, and high value returned audience. 

Now when someone is interested in BRANDED’s Brand Creation services, Layla knows they’ll be seeing the right content to support their decision, and that she’ll be able to monitor what’s working best.

A Navu menu guide in action on BRANDED’s website. Visitors can see which content they’ve already viewed, and are nudged to more key pages.
When collapsed, the Navu Guide seamlessly integrates into BRANDED’s menu and spotlights one specific post.

The Results

Navu has elevated BRANDED’s marketing strategy, providing direct analytical insight per conversion, along with providing the right content to the right website visitors.

Beyond that, BRANDED has also utilized Navu’s insights to develop its content strategy. “As we continue to understand our audiences’ behavior and what content resonates best, we can optimize our content to better suit our audience.”  One article generated multiple leads, which enticed the BRANDED team to make similar educational content that resonates with their audience. 

What it Means

For BRANDED, Navu means insight. They now have a better understanding of their leads and other website visitors. They’re using that information both to guide their overall digital strategy, as well as to deliver targeted content to specific user personas. 

Navu was the right fit for BRANDED because it’s simple, powerful, and provides insights that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Layla kept it simple in her final summary: “It’s been a great tool and very helpful for optimizing my marketing department”. 

Learn more about BRANDED on their website or on LinkedIn.

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