Cask Targets 10 Personas With Custom Guides

The Problem

Cask is a digital transformation services consultancy and Elite ServiceNow Partner, offering a wide variety of solutions to help companies modernize their business using the ServiceNow platform. Their website,, is responsible for educating prospective customers about the many offerings at their disposal, and guiding them to the solution that suits them best.

And while having such a robust offering portfolio is a great thing for Cask’s clients, it can also run the risk of becoming overwhelming for its leads (especially during the research stage of their buyer journey). With so much content to choose from, the marketing team at Cask needed to ensure that visitors were finding the information most relevant to their specific needs.

To solve this issue, they used Navu to create targeted guides specific to each of their 10 key personas.

The Solution

The Big Takeaway: Using Navu, Cask now provides targeted messaging and recommendations for each of its 10 buyer personas, reaching over 37% of the active visitors on-site

Navu is a simple addition to B2B websites that adds targeted recommendations in the form of ‘Navu Guides’. These are assigned to specific visitors based on user-defined criteria (like which campaign they came from, or which page they landed on), and follow them through their entire journey. This means that marketers can segment their audience into discrete groups and show them appropriate content on every page.

In the case of Cask, the solution was clear: one guide for each of their solutions. And while that might seem like a daunting task using traditional personalization tools, with Navu it was easy: just create a guide, target an audience, and publish. Then repeat for each segment you want to address.

For Cask, this meant first picking the best content for each solution (like case studies, webinars, and blog posts) and using Navu’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor to build a guide. Once it was ready, they selected all the related content for that solution, and assigned the guide to any visitor browsing those pages. That’s it.

The Results

The first guide Cask implemented was for their IT Operations Management (ITOM) leads. Using the Guide Editor, they targeted any visitors arriving from ITOM campaigns or those who visited relevant pages. Then they identified the best five ITOM assets on site to form the guide, and hit publish. In a matter of minutes they had added a layer of personal recommendations for a critical segment of their site. Any time new content was added, the Cask team could then add it to the guide or use it as a targeting trigger.

A Navu Guide in action for Cask’s IT Operations Management persona

What made the process so straightforward is that it fit into Cask’s existing site structure, and leveraged only content that they had already created. Like many companies, Cask had plenty of excellent collateral for its various offerings but much of it wasn’t being seen by the right visitors. Navu enabled the marketing team to get the most out of their content, both new and old.

A Navu Guide displays a CTA for an Ebook about Cask’s Customer Experience offerings.

Once the process and results became apparent, Cask quickly developed a plan to deploy Navu Guides across the remainder of their offerings. Soon they had created guides for each of their 10 solutions, and were serving targeted recommendations to more than 37% of active (multi-page) visitors.

But the Cask team didn’t stop there. They’ve since developed guides for individual campaigns, survey initiatives, and even their careers page.

There are countless ways to slice audiences on a complex B2B site like Cask’s, and Navu provides all the tools required to let your creativity run wild.

In Their Words

“Navu has seamlessly integrated into our marketing strategy by enhancing our website’s user experience.”

That’s from Senior Content Marketing Manager Alfredo Deambrosi, who was one of the primary people responsible for implementing Navu and introducing targeting to the Cask website.

“The ease of use is fantastic and it’s evident that the Navu team values customer feedback, continually refining the software for even better performance. Plus, the robust analytics give us actionable insights into visitor behavior.”

What it Means

As it stands, Cask now boasts a modern, lightweight layer of personalization for their many buyer personas. The guides keep visitors more engaged on the right content, and are fully configurable to suit the marketing organization’s changing needs. Importantly, they’re extremely low maintenance, enabling Cask to focus more on generating leads, and less on what they’re doing once they arrive.

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