Contech Implements Targeting, Sees 80% Boost

The Problem

The website for Contech Engineered Solutions has a lot on its plate. The firm boasts a massive product portfolio ranging from walls to pipes to bridges and much more, and prospective buyers generally require a significant amount of research before they’re ready to get a quote. The upshot of this is that is tasked with telling dozens of complex stories depending on who the visitor is and what their needs are.

That’s why they trust Navu to add targeted content guides based on user persona, and the results have been phenomenal. In a 45-day A/B test spanning tens of thousands of pageviews, visitors who were shown Navu Guides consumed 80% more pages of relevant content than those who weren’t. They also spent significantly more time on site overall and browsed more total pages.

The Solution

Before we get into the results, let’s talk about what we did.

To start, it’s important to know that Navu provides targeted guides that stick with a visitor throughout their entire journey. These are based on personas defined by the user (in this case Contech) and nudge visitors toward the best content for the topic they’re interested in.

Navu Guides work as follows: you identify a group of site visitors that have a shared interest, pick the best content (case studies, white papers, videos etc.) you’d like them to see, and we do the rest. The result is a targeted, custom website experience for any group of visitors you want.

The Test

Let’s get more specific. Contech uses Navu to help leads for different products navigate their website and find content specifically relevant to them. One of these products that gets a lot of traffic is the DuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene pipe, and as such it was an obvious choice to be the subject of a thorough A/B test.

The structure was very simple: 50% of visitors identified as prospective DuroMaxx buyer would be shown a Navu Guide on every pageview throughout their journey. This guide contained a brochure, technical specs, a case study, a video and call to action for their contact page. Data would be collected for the remaining 50% of visitors, but they would continue to see the standard Contech website without Navu added.

The Results

After more than 45 days and tens of thousands of pageviews, we can safely say that the results blew us away.

Let’s start with the big one: over the full course of the test,  visitors who were assigned the Navu Guide consumed 80.14% more pages of relevant content than those who weren’t. This encompasses all pages that appear in the guide, but excludes session landing pages. To put it simply, a visitor interested in DuroMaxx consumed an average of 80% more DuroMaxx content once on site when they were shown a Navu Guide.

When you look at total clicks, the impact becomes even more apparent. During the test, both groups used regular (non-Navu) links to navigate the site at an almost identical rate (4,072 clicks in the test group to 4,055 in the control). But the Navu group added an additional 1,342 clicks from the guide, accounting for a roughly 25% increase in total clicks with no cannibalization.

Here are some other key takeaways:

  • Visitors in the test group (with Navu) were 17.06% more likely to browse a second page during their journey.
  • Overall active time on site went up 19.32% in the test group, and non-landing pageviews increased 23.58%.
  • What about total guide usage more generally? We found that 13.5% of total visitors who saw the guide clicked it at least once to navigate.

What it Means

Contech has a huge variety of buyer types, and its website has to cater to all of them. What our testing has shown is that by providing a targeted experience to specific user personas, Contech can simultaneously increase overall engagement and ensure that visitors are seeing significantly more relevant content than they otherwise would.

This lets them tell the right story to the right person, every time.

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