Installing Navu on a WordPress Website

The Navu WordPress plugin is the simplest way to add Navu to your WordPress website.

Here are the instructions to install the plugin:

1. Log in to your WordPress account.

2. In the left hand panel, hover over Plugins, then click Add New.

3. Enter navu in the Keyword field.

4. The Navu plugin will appear.  Click Install Now.

5. Click Activate.

6. Scroll down the list of plugins to Navu Conversions, and click Settings.

7. Enter your site code, and click Save Changes.

Where to find my site code?

Once the Navu embed code has been installed, Navu will immediately start collecting visitor analytics. Any Guides that are published will be visible on your site for their targeted visitor segments.


What does the Navu embed code do?

The embed code allows Navu to track visitors on your site (similar to Google Analytics code). It also allows Navu to inject visual components on your site such as guides and navigation menus. Visual components are only added to your site once you publish them in the Navu portal.

What will change once I add the Navu embed code?

Neither you nor your website visitors should notice any change unless and until you have created and published a Guide. You will, however, be able to immediately start tracking visitors and monitoring analytics in your Navu portal.

What about privacy?

Navu works seamlessly with leading Consent Management Platforms to help you fulfill your privacy obligations. If you have a CMP that we don’t support, check with us as it is usually quite easy to make the necessary changes to your site. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Will Navu impact my site’s performance?

Navu’s embed code is designed carefully to ensure that performance impacts (such as page load time) are minimal.