Navu Integration for Slack


Navu’s integration with Slack enables Navu to post detailed alerts into any Slack channel. These alerts are triggered by specific visitor activity on your website. Below is an example.


Before enabling this integration ensure there is a Slack channel in your Slack organization into which you would like Navu to post alerts. This can be an existing channel, or one you create specifically for Navu alerts. Choosing the latter has the benefit of allowing you to invite others to that channel once you are familiar with Navu alerts.

In the Navu portal, select Integrations from the hamburger menu at the top left.

On the Integrations tab, click on Install Slack on the Slack card.

This will lead you through a connection sequence to connect your Slack account to your Navu account. Note, you may need to check with your Slack administrator if you don’t have the account permissions necessary to enable this integration. This is also where you choose the Slack channel into which Navu will post.

Once enabled, the Slack card in the Navu Integrations Tab will show the Slack integration is active.

Configuring Slack Alert Triggers

To configure the triggers for Slack alerts, in the Navu portal, select Settings from the hamburger menu at the top left.

On the Settings tab choose Tracking. In the tracking settings there are visitor and conversion alert triggers that can be set. Visitor alerts can be set to trigger when any visitor is encountered for the first time who is part of a tagged segment. Likewise, conversion alerts can be set to trigger when any visitor in a tagged segment converts.

Add the segment tag in the alert settings text box.

Note, by default, visitor alerts will trigger whenever a visitor becomes high value and conversion alerts will trigger whenever a visitor converts.

To add a tag to a segment, go to the Segments tab, choose a segment from the list on the left and click the three dots on the top right and select Edit. In the dialog that appears, add the tag(s) you wish to use for this segment.

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