Configuring Your Consent Management Platform For Navu

Sep 13, 2023 1 min read

It is your responsibility to fulfill your privacy obligations to your website visitors. Navu does not track visitors between sites and never shares visitor information with anyone but the website owner.  

The steps below explain how to extend consent management from your existing Consent Management Platform (CMP) to include Navu.

Supported CMPs

If you use one of our supported CMPs listed below, you need to add the following first party cookie to the list of "functional" cookies.


For the rare case where you have configured Navu to track visitors across sites that you own that don't share a common root domain, you will also need to add the following third party cookie to the list of "functional" cookies.


Currently supported CMPs include:

  • OneTrust
  • TrustArc
  • HubSpot CMS

Unsupported CMPs

If your site uses a CMP that is not currently supported or you have a custom CMP solution, Navu has a simple JavaScript API to support integration.