The Four Main Categories of Conversion Rate Optimization Software

Interested in conversion rate optimization software? That’s great! You’re already on the right track, and have identified a critical component to your marketing stack that is too often overlooked.

But now that you’ve started researching CRO, you may have noticed that it’s actually not such a simple topic. There are countless ways to increase your on-site conversions, and plenty of companies offering a variety of solutions that claim to do just that. And while each is different, we’ve found it helps to categorize these offerings into four different buckets: Testing, Mapping, Landing Pages, and Funnel Optimization.

Let’s dive into each category and learn more.


Testing software allows you to make minor, controlled adjustments to your site and compare performance. A classic (and wildly oversimplified) example of this would be changing the color of your conversion buttons from blue to red and seeing which performs better. While the impact of each individual test may be subtle, using testing software frequently and across many facets of your site can have a compounding effect and lead to a much more efficient and optimized conversion flow.

Examples: ClickFunnelsOptimizely


In order to change user behavior, you first have to understand it. That’s the philosophy of mapping software, which allows more granular insights into your site’s visitors than your standard analytics suite. Heatmaps and click maps show exactly what your users are doing on individual pages, and can be an invaluable tool in unlocking your content’s full potential. They make it easy to see which images are working best, which links are the most compelling, and which content isn’t even being seen.

Examples: ContentsquareHotjar

Landing Page Builders

One of the best ways to increase conversions is to create content specifically for each of your acquisition campaigns. While this can be a cumbersome process, there are plenty of services out there that make it easier, particularly by providing beautiful and effective landing pages. These tools enable marketers to build an on-site experience that resonates with their visitors from every campaign, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach often adopted to save time.

Examples: HubSpotMailchimpActiveCampaign

Funnel Optimization

And finally, we come to the most nascent category of all: funnel optimization. This group of solutions cuts right to the problem, finding where leads are leaking out of the funnel and meeting them there. This is where Navu’s instant remarketing solution operates.

In short, not every lead converts on the landing page – most aren’t ready for your pitch before they’ve had a chance to do a little research. But when they leave the page, they’re now on their own in your site without any reference to the campaign they came in on. Navu bridges that gap, by keeping leads focused with contextual recommendations and calls to action based on the campaign you acquired them from.

This process patches the leaks in your funnel and keeps your most promising visitors on track to conversion.

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So that’s a quick primer on the four main types of conversion rate optimization software! We hope you’ve found this helpful, and wish you the best of luck on your journey to a more optimized site.

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