Welcome to Navu

Welcome to Navu. We’re so glad you’re here!

Navu is a new way for B2B marketing teams to increase conversions and lower cost per acquisition. While traditional Content Rate Optimization (CRO) software focuses on the landing page or on incremental improvements through A/B testing, we’ve come at it from an entirely different angle: Instant Remarketing.

So what does that mean? We’ll have plenty more to share about the product very soon, but here’s the short version.

Our vision

Your campaigns bring in visitors to your site. Your landing page tells them everything they need to know and gives them a call to action to convert. Some fill out your form. Some bounce. But what about the people who leave your landing page to learn more on the rest of your site?

We call them “wanderers”, and they’re an extremely underserved audience with a ton of potential. This group has already engaged with your campaign, and then further engaged with your site. But once they’ve left the landing page, you’re leaving them entirely on their own. Some will eventually find their way back to conversion, but most exit before pulling the trigger.

That’s where Navu comes in. Our innovative technology keeps your user journeys on track throughout your entire website, letting visitors explore freely without ever getting lost. Users acquired through a specific campaign will be guided to that campaign’s relevant content and eventually back to the target conversion page, no matter where on your site they are.

With traditional remarketing, you take a strong signal (this person engaged with this campaign but didn’t convert) and pay extra to reach them again with the same message. Navu’s Instant Remarketing lets you automate that process on your own site, in the same session where they’re actively considering your product or service.

A little more about us

So that’s the product, but we should also take this chance to introduce ourselves! The Navu team was originally the team behind Slickstream, founded in 2018 to bring high-tech website engagement software to the blogger market. The product took off, and within three years we were processing nearly half a billion monthly pageviews across hundreds of websites, delivering a better user experience for all of their visitors.

This past August we were delighted to announce that Slickstream had been sold to CMI, the world’s largest ad management service and the eighth largest property on the internet. It was a natural fit and we know the product is in great hands, allowing us to turn our attention to the exciting B2B CRO market.

We’re currently accepting early adopters for our Beta period, so if you’re interested in learning more please sign up for our waitlist!