Navu for BDRs

Your leads have been busy — Do you know what they’ve been up to?

Send the right message to the right person

The more you know, the further your message will go. Navu equips BDRs with everything their targets have done on the website, down to the smallest detail.

Don’t settle for guesswork. Use Navu and let your BDRs tell the story their leads are ready to hear.

Navu for

Actionable Info on Leads

Your leads are very busy on your website well before they ever submit a form. How much of that data makes it to you and your team? With Navu, every conversion comes with a trove of valuable information you’re currently missing.

Bridge the “Outreach Gap”

Does your website back you up? The “Outreach Gap” is the difference between the messaging in your email or call and what your leads find on the website. Navu Guides keep them focused on the content and offers that matter.

Campaign-Based Targeting

You try a lot of different messaging in your campaigns, to a wide variety of leads. Now you can extend the impact of those campaigns by continuing the messaging through their on-site journey as well.

Make Your Clicks Count

It’s hard to get people to click. And it’s especially frustrating when they *do* click only to quickly bounce off the site. Navu makes it easy to see what happens after the click, and to give that lead the best chance of taking the next step.