Help your visitors become contacts with targeted guides

Introducing a Simple, Powerful Tool to Keep Your Leads on Track

The Navu Guide is a lightweight screen overlay that can display in the bottom left corner of a website or replace the navigation menu on top.

It delivers targeted calls to action based on the specific campaign a visitor came in on, in the form of customizable ‘cards’.

By following users throughout their journey, the Navu Guide gently steers them to conversion instead of letting them get lost along the way.

Tell Different Stories to Different Audiences

Your site is doing a lot. You’ve got different products, verticals, campaigns, acquisition sources, promos, and countless associated user personas. With Navu, it’s easy to determine what a user is actually interested in, and tell them the right story throughout their entire journey.

Easy to Install, Even Easier to Use

Most personalization solutions are complicated to install and even more difficult to maintain. Navu is just the opposite. Designed to be as simple as possible, Navu can be up and running on your site in hours — not days or weeks. And once you start creating guides, you might not stop until you’ve covered every segment on your site!

Completely Customizable

Navu Guides are extremely customizable using our built-in program editor. Create cards for videos, forms, PDFs and more. Change the images, hide the text, add expiration dates for specific content. We even offer the ability to attach guides to your main navigation menu. Whatever you have in mind, the odds are good a Navu Guide can do it.

Keep Leads on Track Everywhere They Go

Sometimes visitors get lost. They abandon your landing page form, click on the home page and start a confusing odyssey through the rest of your site (often ending in an unsatisfactory exit). With Navu, you can keep a consistent message and bring them back into the right content no matter where they go. Even if they return weeks later through a different channel, your landing page and related content/offers will stay with them.