Getting Started with Guides

Navu Guides are the best way to keep your leads focused and on track as they browse your website. They're easy to create, easy to edit, and easier still to target to just the right audience.

Once you get started, you'll find countless applications across your site. But let's begin with the basics.

What is a Guide?

A Guide is a collection of your content that can help steer a user to conversion. The content can include webpages, videos, pdfs, etc. It typically shows up in the bottom-left corner of your website.

Guides follow you around

The guide will follow a user around as they navigate through your website, gently reminding them of the relevant content. This leads them to conversion instead of getting lost along the way.

Different Guides for different people

Every visitor gets a guide for their specific interests. As a result, two different visitors to the same page may get a different guide.

Valentine is interested in your billing solutions, while Ender is curious about your space drives. Each gets a guide with content relevant to their goal.

You decide how to segment visitors and what content is in each guide

Navu makes it easy to choose segments and to populate the content in each guide.

Creating a Guide is Easy

You can build your first one in 5 minutes with no code and no commitment required. Here's how:

  1. Pick an audience
  2. Select the right content for them
  3. Adjust the look and feel
  4. Publish 🚀
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