Why the Guide or Preview may not be visible when getting started

There are two core steps to the Navu Guide creation and preview process.

Guide Creation

Once you have entered a target landing page for the Guide you wish to create, Navu will attempt to index that landing page along with other pages on the same domain as the landing page.  Indexing in this case means scanning pages for content and images that will be appropriate to use when building the individual cards that appear in the Guide.  To accomplish this indexing, Navu uses a headless browser to load the landing and related pages.  Some websites may detect the Navu headless browser and identify it as a bot and block it from loading pages.  When this occurs, Navu is unable to collect content to use in the Guide and a message will be displayed explaining that Navu was either unable to access the landing page, blocked from accessing the landing page or timed out accessing the landing page.  The remedy in all cases is to add the Navu server IP addresses to the white list of IP addresses in your website’s security settings.

Guide Preview

Once Navu has created a preliminary Guide, you have the option to edit the Guide or preview it on your site.  Navu uses an internal Demo Server that allows it to proxy your website and inject the Guide for you to experience the Guide as a visitor to your website would.  In some cases, there maybe scripts running on your website that interfere with the Navu Demo Server’s ability to render the preview.  If you do not see the Navu Guide after clicking the Preview button, please contact [email protected] and we will investigate.  Note, that any issues seen when previewing the Guide are related to the Navu Demo Server and not indicative of how the Guide will perform when published on your website.  To publish a Guide on your website such that it’s visible for the targeted visitor segment, see the Installing Navu instructions.